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Opal Prime© is the next generation, disruptive set of technology & services to facilitate disintermediation of your supply chain.

Professional services offerings are designed to replace &/or extend supply chain systems & services. 

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Shipping Management | Order Management | Warehouse Management | Inventory Management | Account AR / AP Management

Current users have reported that the Opal© platform has enabled them to reduce order processing time by up to 90%, reduce order processing cost by up to 80%, improve order accuracy by up to 99%, reduce orders returned by customers to 5% & reduce undelivered packages to less than 1%

Next Generation Supply Chain Technology

SaaS Solutions & Services

Our SaaS solutions and services allow you to focus on transforming your business while we manage the day-to-day. We operate as an extension of your IT department, providing Shared Services offerings to both your internal and external customers. 





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    Why Us? 

    We are the only fully autonomous, no touch, smart, & self-guided order processing & fulfillment solution connecting retailers, suppliers, warehouses, & manufacturers.

    We are revolutionizing & simplifying the way you process & fulfill orders.

    If retailers don’t soon migrate to a fully autonomous, real-time order processing & fulfillment solution, they risk going out of business.

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    Meet the specialists behind Opal Prime’s no-touch software solutions…

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    Applying Our Solutions

    Integration Process

    This 3-step process is designed to walk you through the stages of identifying the right solution for your current software improvement needs, seeing the big picture & how you fit in, & finally how we plan to specialize & implement our solutions for you.

    These steps are paving the way towards your smart & completely autonomous future.

    Step 1

    Is This Solution Right For You?

    Self-Qualification Quiz

    The first step towards incorporating Opal’s© fully autonomous solutions to your software, is to take our Self-Qualification Quiz. This is a 5 to 7 minute checklist to help you identify certain problem areas in your system that Opal can help improve upon.

    The Ideal clients for Opal Prime℠ are suppliers or distributors that want drop shipping capabilities while reducing their EDI, operational costs, & achieving a 98% delivery accuracy or better.

    Step 2

    Take A Closer Look

    Schedule A Pre-Assessment

    After completing the Self-Qualification Quiz & deciding your software would benefit from our offerings, schedule your pre-assessment to learn more about how we can personally help you.

    Step 3 

    How We Will Specialize Our Solutions For You

    Book Your Demo

    The final step before proceeding to the specialized assessment stage & integrating Opal© into your software, is to book your demo.

    During this specialized Demo, Opal Prime’s℠ sales engineers will take you through a detailed look at the benefits of integrating our solutions into your current software.

    3-Step Integration Process

    Integrate Our SaaS Solutions

    Start your journey towards integrating our smart, no-touch solutions for your software. Click the link below to begin your self-qualification Quiz & find out how we can help you.

    3 Reasons Why

    What Makes Opal Prime Different?

    First, we provide a no touch smart system.

    Opal© is a smart system that knows how to handle every order with 100% compliance & without any human intervention.

    Second, we eliminate staff capacity bottlenecks. 

    Opal© is self-guided and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Order processing and fulfillment capacity is virtually unlimited.

    Third, we lower the cost of doing business.

    Opal© is directly connected with trading partners & does not incur any data transmission cost.

    Bottom line: Retailer players cannot remain viable or in business without migrating to a fully autonomous, real-time order processing & fulfillment solution.

    Supply Chain Management Resource Guide

    This document was designed to give an all-in-one snapshot of the the benefits created by integrating the Opal© platform. As well, it helps you understand how Opal Prime℠ compares to & surpasses its competitors in all areas.

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