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Success Stories

A Product Subscription Company

achieved autonomous (no manual touch daily order processing of 8,000+ orders & retired five legacy systems.

A $50+ Million E-commerce Company

significantly reduced stock-outs in all 20+ sales channels resulting in thousands of dollars of charge back savings from large retailers.

A $100+ Million Sink /Faucet Company

increased its order fulfillment capacity by 40% without adding any employee/ equipment.

An Auto Part Manufacturer Company

decreased drop-ship order costs by 80% & recorded first drop ship profits through more efficient order processing.

Competitive Advantages

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Advantages



No Touch


Artificial Intelligence

OPAL© is an Application Layer with Database hosted on Cloud
OPAL© includes EDI, Order Management, WH Management, & Shipping solutions

OPAL© connects

all retailers,

e-retailers, e-carts,



& shippers

OPAL© works with your ERP so there’s no need for ERP customization

OPAL© helps you meet tight delivery deadlines & strict compliances


Operational Benefits

  • Order autonomy (reduction in manual touch)
  • Increased fulfillment rates
  • Decline in stock-outs
  • Labor reduction
  • Better order accuracy

Financial Benefits

  • Lower cost of inventory
  • Lower cost of drop-shipments
  • Increased profitability due to less stock-out
  • Staff reduction costs (less manual touching)



Efficiencies & Savings


Reduction in Order Processing Cost


Reduction in Order Processing Time


Reduction in Data Transmission Cost


Info Access Time Improvement

Repurpose your workforce & save on Supply Chain costs

3-Step Integration Process

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