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The second step in the integration process after completing the Self-Qualification Quiz is to schedule your pre-assessment to learn more about how we can help you personally.

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Please fill out this short contact information form to schedule a pre-assessment with Opal Prime℠. We will contact you within 24 – 48 hours upon submission to coordinate the details of your assessment.

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Book Your Demo

The third & final step before proceeding to the specialized assessment stage & integrating the Opal© platform into your software, is to book your demo.

During this specialized Demo, Opal Prime’s℠ sales engineers will take you through a detailed look at the benefits of integrating our solutions into your current software.

Self-Qualification Quiz

The first step in our integration process is taking the Self-Qualification Quiz which helps identify certain areas in your system that Opal© can improve.

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This document was designed to give an all-in-one snapshot of the the benefits created by our solutions.

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